Tomato Time!

Tomatoes! 🍅 One of the main reasons I wanted to start a garden this year. Delicious little gems that often grow bountiful yields. My mom planted three plants last year and got literally thousands of little cherry tomatoes…I was inspired.

This year I’ve chosen 5 varieties of tomatoes. Each one is a test, as I don’t have a clue what will do well in my garden.

1) Early Cascade
2) Cherry Yellow Pear
3) Red Grape
4) Money Maker(larger)
5) Sweet Million

My gardener friend gave me 2 mystery tomato plants which will no doubt produce some fruits as well. I will be spacing my planting dates apart so they don’t start producing tomatoes all at once. Thus far I’ve planted my Early Cascade and 1 mystery plant. Later this week I’ll plant the rest. I have been cutting off the lower stems and burying 2/3 of the plant, this is supposed to help the plant grow stronger.

Have you planted any of these tomato plants? Did you have success? Happy growing 🍅🌱


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23 thoughts on “Tomato Time!”

  1. Have fun with the tomatoes! We grew ours from seed this year of our 3 favorite varieties. Over 50 plants to get in the ground! Little cherry and pear ones are good to start with. Dont worry about spacing planting though…time to ripen is determined by the variety and age of plant not how long it is in the ground. if it is warm enough just get them in! And when you water, keep it off the leaves. Enjoy!


    1. Good point, I’m partially worried it’s not warm enough yet. So if I’m to lose a plant to cold weather I’d rather just lose the 2 than all the plants 🙂 it’s about 15-25 degrees Celsius here. Iffy I’d say! Probably best to wait a bit longer but I’m just eager to get them in the ground.


      1. Yea, you are supposed to wait to get them in the ground when it is consistently above 50 F at night. Where are you located? We will probably put ours in the ground in two weeks. Last year some of our best plants just came up on their own from compost and were not even up before July!


  2. Most of the cherry tomatoes grow and bear well. It’s the larger tomatoes that can give you heartache! Tomatoes will hang in there if you plant them early, but they don’t do much until they have warm nights–70F+, so you could probably put them in the ground and be okay–just don’t expect a lot of growth or flowering until it’s steadily warm. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Yours looks pretty cool too. I’m always interested in seeing what other people grow. I’m experimenting with tomatoes this year as well…


  3. Delicious little gems, indeed! I am familiar with the Yellow Pear and Sweet million, which have done well, and were really a favorite at the nursery where I worked. I have never heard of Money Maker, and I am curious to hear how it does.

    Happy gardening!


  4. Have fun with the tomatoes! We grew yellow pear and sweet million, along with several others, last year. Both grew well and produced well. The yellow pear was pretty, but lackluster in terms of flavor and texture. Sweet million is pretty similar to super sweet 100.

    This year we opted for Super Sweet 100 along with repeating black cherry, and sungold. Sadly my green envy plants didn’t make it this year. They were a favorite last year. We replaced the disappointing yellow pear and indigo rose with gold rush currant, sunrise bumblebee, indigo blueberry, and white cherry.

    I do the growing, but the rest of my family does the eating, so the reviews are theirs. 😉


  5. I love growing tomatoes. I’m so jealous because my apartment right now really can’t support any type of plant life, much less actual vegetables. 😦


  6. Wishing you much success. This year I’m growing Chocolate Cherries, Early Girl, Stupice and Riesentraube. This is my third year growing Riesentraube – the plant gets huge and produces tons of grape-like clusters of really great-tasting tomatoes. Highly recommend. But you’ll need ladders and lots of space because the plant grows HUGE!

    32 Reviews | Write a Review


  7. I love growing tomatoes. They’re is nothing sweeter than a warm, fresh tomato straight from your garden. Best of luck with your crop. I only had a problem with tomatoes one year (tomato also known as tobacco hornworm). Yuck! Otherwise, they seem to grow effortlessly. We froze the end of season crop one year to use for sauce or salsa.


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