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Wow! Do you love reading? The smell of a book? Well so do I! There’s nothing better than a good book with a cup of coffee. Today I have been accepted to be professional book reader. This means I will be sent books by publishers in order for me to review them, and share the reviews with you! I will also be reviewing them on my Goodreads account 

I’ve always loved reading and adored books, being raised by a librarian helped with this, and this opportunity thrills me. I hope you are able to participate in my discussions on books and connect with me through Goodreads. Please add me as a friend if we have books in common!

pro_reader_120I am VERY excited and know we are bound to have a great time talking books. My last post “Summer Reading Goals” discussed some of the books I plan to read this summer…check it out and let me know what you’re reading. In the near future I will be posting about the titles I’ve been sent by publishers.

Happy reading, friends!


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15 thoughts on “Professional Reader”

  1. Awesome! I do netgalley too ^_^ They have such a great selection. I have soooo many books to review, though. I’m trying to stay away from requesting until I get some more reviews in.


  2. Welcome! Oh my gosh though. Be super diligent about the books you request. (Unless you’re a crazy, fast reader). I made the mistake of requesting a ton (about 40) when I first started simply because I didn’t think I’d get approved for all of them. I did (for 90% of them)… My percentage is 35%. The recommended goal is 80%. A year later, I’m still catching up the reviews for books I requested the first time… Hahaha. Just a little advice! Something I totally wish someone would have told me when I first started. 😀

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    1. I already made that mistake I think! I got excited and requested a bunch. Not a fast reader for sure. I didn’t understand that as soon as a book is archived you must finish it. Crap! Thanks for the advice, I’ll probably have many more questions if you’re up for it!

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      1. Sure! I’m up for questions anytime! 😀 Always glad to help a fellow blogger out.

        About archiving though, I think as long as you download the file before it archives, you’ll be fine. I have dozens of books (since my ratio is so low) that have been archived and I can still read them and submit feedback.

        When I first started out, I read that someone had to give feedback on about a dozen books without reading them (just a note to the publisher) because they had not downloaded the book in time. So any time I get approved for a book, I automatically click the Kindle button (or PDF). That way, if I don’t get it to before it archives, I won’t be left out.


  3. A professional reader, how cool is that!
    I love the smell of books and browsing in old bookshops but how lovely to be sent an endless supply of books, lucky you.


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