Garden Update – August

Someone tell me I’m wrong! Can it be mid August already?! I’m in denial. I have seen an abundance of garden posts which makes me so happy – it’s such fun seeing what other people are growing and how it’s doing. 🍅🌱❤

Today I wanted to share with you guys how the garden is looking. It basically looks like one big pile of tomato plants but I reassure you, there’s a bit more going on than just the horrendous tomato mess.DSC_0894

Starting with my tomatoes. My sweet millions are turning red – YAY! The 6 other tomato plants are very green, and I’m worried I’ve done something wrong. Please ripen, I don’t want to fry 300 green tomatoes 😂 It’s been hot – 30°C(86°F) for the past week. I haven’t plant given them “plant food”. Just good soil and water everyday. What should I be doing to help them out? Patience is likely the answer. 

The edges of the leaves are brown and yellow. Help!

Peas! Those old pea plants did in fact have powdery mildew – yuckuckuck! I pulled them out and said goodbye. I took a chance and planted some pea seeds 3 weeks ago in hopes that they produce some peas before the seasons change.🌱

The beets…they’re sad! As you can see in the photo, someone has been eating away at the leaves. I mean I’m sure they’re tasty but I’d like to see them grow! Any suggestions? Is this normal for the leaves to be snacked on this much? 

Beet leaves. Another seedling got completely eaten away. 

Lastly, yesterday I planted some Celebration Swiss Chard, the beautiful rainbow variety. I am hopeful it grows well, as the weather will change in September. I learned Chard seeds are much larger than some other types(carrots :o). I really like how they look!

The bokchoy and carrots are coming along well. I harvested my two(lonely and dispondent) onions yesterday which are drying. Maybe next year I’ll have more success with onions 🐜

On a more personal note, today is my last day nannying some kids I’ve been with for over 2 years. Very sad, but it’s been a good run. They have been my best friends – despite the tantrums. I go back to school in September 📚🐝

Well, that’s all for today. Keep sharing your wonderful experiences with me and tell me about your gardens in the comments!! Happy growing, friends. 🌎


Author: nannygrannie

an adoptee who is ok admitting i'm not ok. I talk about my mental health, my garden & my outdoor adventures

10 thoughts on “Garden Update – August”

  1. Do you trim your tomato plants? Do you take the suckers off? The only reason I can think that they are not turning yet would be the plants getting too thick and covering the bottom of the plant too much. Also I trim any of the leaves that start touching the ground. Just having mud or dirt on the leaves causes damage and bacteria to the whole plant.

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  2. Your tomatoes are amazing. Most of mine are still green! I get the impression from other growers that everyone is still waiting for their toms to ripen.
    Well done you.


    1. Hello, I wouldn’t water them every single day, even though it’s hot. I have plenty of tomatoes that are still green, so yep, patience is the answer 😉. Good luck!


  3. How much sun do you get, that would make a difference, but trimming them is important, I try to train mine to be a single or at the most double stem. You can remove any of the leaves that are under the tomatoes, and topping them would help too. I love the picture of your sweet millions 🙂


  4. Green tomatoes here too (in Alberta). The last few years the tomatoes have been very late in ripening no matter the sun exposure ( I have them in the south, east and west).


  5. It cannot be August. It just can’t be yet. I feel as though summer has barely begun and it’s really almost over. My tomatoes were doing wonderfully early on but they got Late Blight after I fell and, by the time I really looked at them again it was too late. I have a lot of tomatoes but not nearly the number I should have gotten. Gardening is more frustrating than raising boys! Well, there’s always next year.


  6. You would have to look up the details, but check out how to ripen green tomatoes. Not all green tomatoes will ripen, but most will eventually if you store them properly.


  7. I’m really pleased I planted 10 raspberry canes, late August and these ‘bunches’ of fruit are turning red and the first taste lovely 🙂


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