Behind Closed Doors, B.A Paris – Book Review 

Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris

Rating: 5/5

This is a fantastic psychological thriller written by B.A Paris. I waited a long time to read Behind Closed Doors so I was excited when I got my hands on a copy!!!👐

Behind Closed Doors is about a couple, Grace and Jack, who are made out to be living a “perfect” life, in a “perfect” relationship. I don’t know which of you would wish for a relationship their in – Jack calling all the shots,  Grace seeming like a dolcile little thing. Certainly not me 😵🙈 Anyway early on you realize this relationship is far from perfect! We learn how messed up, or shall I say fu*ked Jack is and how manipulative he is. When Grace marries Jack, she becomes captive. She stops working and her independence basically goes down the drain -the only semi normal-ness  in her life are the dinner parties Jack insists on to keep up their image of a “perfect” couple.

Grace has a wonderful younger sister named Millie who has downs syndrome and acts as Graces inspiration through her journey. Grace feels the need to help Millie who is supposed to come live with Jack and Grace in the near future. Jack’s plans to also hold Millie captive make Grace sick but also push her to act. Throughout the book we get to know Millie and learn how absolutely brilliant she is (we all need a Millie in our lives ❤)

The chapters of this book switch between past and present and are told by Grace which I throughly enjoyed as I believe it keeps the fast pace of the story. Every single chapter had me on my toes  and wanting to read on. I won’t spoil anything but I will say that I loved the ending, which is uncommon for me. Thank you B.A Paris for my first 5/5 rating of 2017! Wonderful and I highly suggest you ALL go find this book (right now):)

It’s  2017 my loves!!! What are you starting the year off with in terms of BOOKS?! I’m currently reading Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty and also The Woods by Harlan Coben. Have you read either of these ones? Happy reading and stay warm out there! ❄❄ BTW I got twitter! Follow me through my book journey at @Thenannygrannie 📚😙


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10 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors, B.A Paris – Book Review ”

      1. Hi nannygrannie! I finished “Behind Closed Doors”, and as promised, here is what I thought of it! *Spoiler alert – don’t read this comment if you haven’t read the book!* 🙂 I enjoyed it very much, it definitely keeps you glued to the (virtual) pages! I also liked the ending and what Esther said. And Millie is fantastic, a wonderful character. “I don’t like Jorj Koony” 😀 I would just have liked some more information! I really wanted to know what exactly Jack got up to in Thailand, and why he needed Millie for his plans and not Grace? That isn’t really explained. Apart from that, yeah loved it! By the way, I read Truly Madly Guilty some time ago and it is amazing, like all her books. Definitely read it! Xx

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      2. Wonderful! I’m so happy you came back and let me know your honest thoughts 🙂 I totally understand…I crave more information about this book, there certainly could’ve been way more detail to it! Thanks again, and happy reading 😊📚


  1. Ah, this is one of those ones I’ve been hesitating reading bc it sounds so intense and I didn’t have the heart to read about Grace under Jack’s control — you make it sound like such an intense read!


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