Making a change

Today marks the day where I’m be making some changes. I’m choosing to blog about this in order to hold myself accountable. Last night something scary happened, I had an anxiety attack.

I have realized how my negative thoughts are affecting my mind. I always call myself a pessimist, but I know I need to change. I’m very hard on myself and it’s getting me into sad places I don’t want to be in.

So here’s to being more positive! To start I’ll be writing 3 GOOD things that happen at work today, instead of focusing on the negatives.

I want to hear from you. Do you have any advice on becoming more positive and mindful?


Author: nannygrannie

an adoptee who is ok admitting i'm not ok. I talk about my mental health, my garden & my outdoor adventures

3 thoughts on “Making a change”

  1. Grannie, I think maybe concentrating on one or two good things that you can make happen at work might be a better way to go about it. People are often disappointing and waiting for those good things to happen could derail your efforts. Panic attacks are very scary. If this is something new you should probably discuss it with your health care providers do check side effects from prescriptions you are taking.


  2. Sorry to read about your distress. The same happened to me 5 years ago. I was in a negative frame of mind. My friend/ colleague suggest mediation and mindfulness. What a relief, it’s not easy to dedicate 20 mins a day to calm,quiet contemplation but now it’s vital to my emotional and physical well being. There are lots of apps and web sites that can help. I personally attended meditation classes to begin with. You put yourself back in touch with the things that really mean a good and positive you 💜


  3. I find the more time I spend outside the more positive I am and the less stress I feel. I also wanted to mention a documentary I watched a couple of days ago, it was a BBC documentary on Youtube called The Truth About Stress. Some techniques that are interesting are in the documentary; I’m planning on watching it a second time.


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