Spring Garden

Ahhh horray! Today marks the first day of spring! We’ve had a few sunny days now and it’s totally got me thinking about this years garden. Last year I had some failures and this year I want to keep it SIMPLE.

When I say simple I’m thinking potatoes, corn, maybe peas cause who doesn’t love peas? I’d love to do spinach and some greens but I’m not sure I have the light and right soil for the leafy greens ☀

I did potatoes last year however they only multiplied a few and they were very small. I’ve been thinking about my garden staples, those veggies I want to grow every single year. What’s your garden staple?🌱

I would love to grow daikon radishand lotus root. Lotus root is a Chinese root, it is delicious. Have you had experience growing either of these veggies? I don’t know where to start!


Author: nannygrannie

an adoptee who is ok admitting i'm not ok. I talk about my mental health, my garden & my outdoor adventures

7 thoughts on “Spring Garden”

  1. Depending on your gardening zone, you would start either in the fall, or early spring with your onions. Mine is 6B in Southern Ontario, so fall works the best for me, but I have heard others say for the West coast is better in early spring. I am going to prepare a growing guide for garlic on my blog in a couple of weeks; let me know where your general region is and I will make sure to include a special note about it,

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      1. Hi again! I am still working on the full growing guide, but for now, you might be interested on a post on garlic I just published, mentioning that it is time to order your bulbs for sowing in the fall, plus links and a little info. Happy gardening!


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