July Garden

It’s coming along!!!…which is surprising since I planted a bunch of seeds in March with no luck.

I am growing spaghetti squash, corn, chinese radish(Daikon) and potatoes. Much different than my previous years!

Now that my seeds have sprouted and they are growing well, I am unsure what to do with my spaghetti squash plants. Help! I have 4 of them(the photo above is my largest one). Do I need to fertilize the soil? Is there anything I need to do to ensure these babies grow me some squash?

My corn seems to be doing alright…all 8 plants are looking strong.

Yes I need to weed

My potatoes are in bags, and the plant themselves are so big that they’ve begun to fall over. I believe they need to flower? I don’t see any signs of this happening so far. Potato experts…what’s protocol for these creatures?

And lastly my Daikon is doing as well as I had hoped…my expectations were low.

It’s been awhile since I posted a full update on my garden, so this is exciting! I have been looking through everyones garden posts and feeling inspired! You people are amazing. Tell me what’s doing well in your garden 🙂 xox


Author: nannygrannie

an adoptee who is ok admitting i'm not ok. I talk about my mental health, my garden & my outdoor adventures

8 thoughts on “July Garden”

  1. Hey there! If you potato plants are falling over, tie them together. They need to remain tall and strong for potato production. They will flower shortly and then once the flowers and stems start to fade (into mid/late August), you should have a good potato harvest. Check out my site http://www.wowmygarden.ca and go to the “grow potatoes in bags” link and see what I’ve done.

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    1. I took your advice and tied the potato plants together…I’m very excited to get my potatoes! How do you know you have potatoes that are ready to harvest? I enjoyed your potatoes in bag post – super useful!


  2. You know, I don’t actually think the potato flower IS necessary! I’ve had lots of potatoes produce without ever flowering. And I think you could go either way on the falling over stalks, too. Tie them up or let them lie. In a few more weeks you should have some good potatoes!

    The rest of your garden is looking great! So glad to see an update 🙂


    1. I didn’t know that potatoes didn’t need to flower, wow that’s interesting LOL I always assumed. I took your advice and tied the stalks together! Thanks for the comment, I love hearing from you

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    2. I agree on the flower part. It doesn’t always happen. But I have had improved production with keeping the stalks upright until they naturally fade. However, that doesn’t mean what I do is right, it’s just an alternate method. Thanks for this info, I’m going to give that a try next year – some tied, some not….see what happens.

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  3. Your squash look happy from here! Even watering should give them a good shot. A little compost when they get female flowers won’t hurt.
    I let the gentler weeds grow to make a living mulch on my soil here, but we get really hot.


      1. The idea is that the moisture in the soil doesn’t evaporate as fast because it stays in the shade of the “weeds.” Like a little tiny jungle canopy. My weeds are sweet potato vines, lemon basil, and Thai basil. They all love the heat and spread year to year. My walking paths and room between plants disappear as the summer goes on, but my tomatoes and peppers have a fighting chance of surviving July and August because their roots don’t cook. It gets hot enough here that you can’t really walk bare foot on bare earth, it burns your feet.


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