Why is my Pac Choi (Bokchoy) bolting?

Hi everyone, long time no talk! My garden is growing strong this year, especially my luscious spaghetti squash and cucumbers – for some reason they are big, bulky and doing great!

What is NOT doing great is my pac choi (bokchoy). This has actually happened for the last two seasons but I have not been able to figure out a cure. The pac choi I’m using is dwarf white stemmed pac choi from West Coast Seeds.

Every time I grow these guys, this happens: IMG_20180625_121330_401

I water consistently, and I do get edible leaves but the stems are very skinny so as soon as they bolt, I pick the leaves and then the plant seems to be done – so I pull it out.

Any suggestions for me? Do you grow any Asian vegetables such as pac choi? I have been growing more and more Asian veggies(my fiance is Chinese!) and I totally love them – they taste delicious and are easy to use in my cooking. I can’t wait to hear from you guys!


Author: nannygrannie

an adoptee who is ok admitting i'm not ok. I talk about my mental health, my garden & my outdoor adventures

4 thoughts on “Why is my Pac Choi (Bokchoy) bolting?”

  1. I had great success with growing bok choy from seed when I planted it in the beginning of May. The following year I slacked off and planted the seeds in the beginning of June. That didn’t work out so well — they bolted early because of the heat. I’ve never been able to have a successful fall harvest because the weather drops off in late September. I suspect that if you start indoors and then plant them outside in the late summer you’ll be okay.


  2. Bolting is how a plant makes seeds before it dies, and usually thinks it’ll die soon because of warming temperatures.
    Depending on your climate, you’ll want to play with sowing it a few weeks or few months earlier, or try it as a fall plant.
    I’m in Central Texas and can’t follow most instructions that are based on when to sow things unless they are written by folks in Central Texas, ha!


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