Bubble wrapping playgrounds: why?

Why are we protecting our children from failure?

Yesterday I was at a playground and noticed they’ve taken out all the “unsafe” play equipment or modified it to be “safe”. The firemans pole now has platforms(photo below), the climbing walls are now stairs with railings and god forbid they leave a tree standing near the playground in case kids decide to climb a tree!

This is such a disappointment…I mean it’s one thing to make it so children can’t fail inside the classroom, but now outside during play?! Play should be filled with experiments, risks and learning how to challenge yourself and body. When I was a child we played for hours on end, unsupervised, in a large dirt area filled with “unsafe” hazards such a tall trees to climb, fences, animals, a stream & prickle bushes, etc. Our playgrounds were wooden, slippery, tricky to climb, and yes, we fell off them all the time. But here I am, alive and well!

Instead it seems we are failing our children. Children need to fail! Failure develops character and resistance. Life is filled with bad and good times, success and failure…so why on earth are we setting our kids up to expect success? They need to learn to work for success and prepare and know how to deal with things when they don’t go so well. The toddlers I work with have mastered the playground which states it’s meant for children 5-12 years old. This is a prime example that we are not challenging our children and therefore we are hindering their development.

Besides the whole overuse of cellphones we see these days, I would say this is the most concerning trend within our generation. Kids expect to have things given to them, rather than knowing they need to earn it.

I see this all the time at work since I work with kids and from watching young adults in our society. I’d love to hear your take on this…do you see it? What’s your experience? How can we change this? Do we need to? What’s the future like for these kids?



Off roading tips: Part 1

Good morning friends! This weekend my boyfriend took me off roading in his big bumpy truck, wow was that interesting! Sounded like a stereotypical “man” thing, where a bunch of dudes get together and drive around in mud…my expectations were met. I wasn’t sure I’d like it since speed…trucks…and cliffs aren’t my cup of tea but despite that, I had some fun! But I have some tips for all you off roaders:

1. Ladies…wear a sports bra. No, really I mean YOU WILL REGRET IT if you don’t. I don’t have big ones but boy did my tits bounce around to the beat of those bumps.

2. Don’t look at the pretty purple flowers because the next thing you know you’ll be bounced off your seat, smoking your head on the ceiling of the vehicle.

That’s all for now, very useful I promise! I hope you had a weekend filled with fun(and perhaps less bumps!)

Despite thrashing around for 6 hours, the view at the top was pretty epic

Reading Goals 

Oh how I love a good book. I was raised by a librarian which means I was constantly being read books and always had books in my room. I love reading, and I think it’s such a vital way to create a happy life. I believe reading is so valuable, starting when people are young.

My reading goal for 2015 is to read 20 books

1. The 9th Girl by Tami Hoag
2. Gone by Lisa Gardner
3. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
4. The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty
5. Burying Water by K.A Tucker
6. Becoming Rain by K.A Tucker
7. Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A Tucker
8. One Tiny Lie by K.A Tucker
9. In Her Wake by K.A Tucker
10. The Sky is Falling by Kit Pearson
11. Looking at the Moon by Kit Pearson
12. Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
2. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

Beyond the two books on my “to read” list, I need some suggestions! Which books are your favorites? Least favorites? Books books books! Advice wanted!

Indulge in you time 

Today, for the first time in five months I have a weekend day all to myself. No boyfriend, no friends, no family and no commitments. Being a slight introvert…this excites me! I am thrilled to have me time all day, do what I want and just indulge. We all need alone time, time to be independent… Here are my tips for you when you have a You Day.

1. Eat. Eat whatever you want. Go buy the ingredients, cook it, bake it, or go to your favorite restaraunt and eat! I’m still working up the courage to go into a sit down establishment alone and eat but I’m getting to the point of being able to. If you can, do it! Next, you want chocolate? Wine? More chocolate? Good, have some.

2. Do something you love doing alone. For me, that’s thrift shopping. Oh how I love wandering the store looking for clothing that stands out, a book I’ve been wanting to read. And chances are, everything will be under $5. Beautiful. Maybe you like walking, exercising, sleeping, praying, taking photos, well this is your time.

3. Watch whatever you want. I’m generally very opposed to screen time but let’s be honest, it’s gonna happen. I plan to watch some Orange is the New Black, or House Hunters shows. Haha bad tv, I know I know.

Although the past five months have been so busy and filled with fun, I do need some me time. As much as I want to jump my boyfriends bones, it will be good for us to be apart for a day. What do you do on You Days? Do you enjoy alone time or is it something you fear? What would you do for one day if you had absolutely no plans and no one to be with? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Traveling the coast with a new guy

I know many people who have done the Oregon Coast, or who see photos are immediately wanting to travel. My boyfriend and I recently did a 5 day road trip. We tented for 4 days, and stayed at a beautiful resort 1 night which was a real treat as you can imagine. Here I’m going to tell you where we camped, what we did and recommend places to check out. Warning: we aren’t really the type of people to lay on the beach, follow the crowds or go shopping so if that’s what you’re expecting…no.

The border of course! Since we were camping we thought it would be a clever idea to pack all our food in coolers so we didn’t need to make too many stops on the way down the coast. Let’s just say this: don’t bring unmarked eggs across the border. And if you ever do get pulled into secondary where they rip apart your nicely packed car…TELL THEM about the banana you have in your purse. They will find it. And they will take it away if it’s stickerless. Oh! And if you fail to tell them about that single banana, it can turn into a $300 fine. Ouch. Just buy your food in the states, it’s so much cheaper anyway!

Once we were successfully across te border we hit the I5, the fastest freeway, through Seattle, Portland and surrounding areas.

We drove and drove. Eventually we cut towards the coast and hit Hwy101, the coastal highway. The first town we got to was Coos Bay, Oregon. Boy, we were hungry. We found this restaraunt/store combination called Shark Bites Cafe where we ordered  burgers and this beautiful milkshake

  If in Coos Bay, I would most defintely reccomend checking this place out. They had great service and yummy food. The relaxed atmosphere was nice and the walls were covered with coffee sacks which in my opinion are real cool.

As we continued down the coast we began to notice these signs…

 Isn’t the little man cute? A serious note but portrayed in an amusing way.
Our first night was spent at Harris Beach State Park, near the city of Brookings, OR. We set up out tent, cooked dinner.

 Yes, this ex vegetarian cooked her first steak…amazing I know! This campsite is pretty civilized, much different than our usual bush whacking, washing our dishes in the river, cleaning my ass with a leaf sort of deal. I most certainly was not complaining about the hot showers and other people around.

After dinner we walked down to the beach for our first ‘Oregon sunset’   Pretty breathtaking.

Day 2: we drove 30 minutes into California to the Redwood Forest. Boy was that  stunning. Imagine how old those trees are, how much weather they’ve endured, how many generations they’ve been standing. I couldn’t get photos of the largest ones…so you’ll have to go see for yourself 🙂

 The Redwoods are inland, but this is what the coast looked like every morning until it began to clear up in the afternoon. This photo was taken at Samuel H Boardman park which was one I was very excited to see. Too bad about the fog.

Night 2: Coos Bay, more specially Sunset Bay is where we camped. Clearly it’s a pretty amazing place to see the sunset. The state campground here was filled with children, obxious ones who were jumping on their parents cars. Literally. I had a drink and prayed if I ever have kids, they’ll behave better than that.

 Ahhhh yes much more relaxing than the sounds of demon children.
Day 3: our plan to see the Sea Lion Caves failed since the signs were very misleading. Instead we saw a ranch advertising horse rides on the beach! Wow let me tell you…horse riding hurts your knees and lady parts and it is totally worth it. I can honestly say that was one of the best experiences of my life. Tip: choose a ranch as close to the ocean as you can so you don’t have to cross the highway on horse back. Your horse will get spooked. There are many ranches offering similar trips so take a chance and do it! It was surprisingly cheap($90 for 2 hours).

Night 3: our night of civilization! We spent it in Yachats, OR. Dinner at Ona Seafood restaraunt was spectacular; fresh seafood and great service. We stayed at The Adobe Resort. Our beach front room was more than we expected. Jacuzzi, bed, ocean view. Oh the fun we had…

Day 4: Back up North to Washington State. We stayed at Cougar Campground, advertised as on “the base of Mount St Helens”. As we drove in I kept joking that the volcano must’ve exploded since we sure didn’t see it! Turns out their full of sh*t and it’s actually 50km away. No sights of the volcano, but no lava either! Pretty beautiful camping spot, don’t you think? 
That’s all for now! Thank you for reading, please like and comment if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you and am happy to suggest more places worth your while. Back to nannying I go…