Harvest Time!

Mid July has turned out to be quite exciting in the garden. We’ve had some interesting developments including a skunk and a ton of small mushrooms that are sprouting up everywhere below the veggies. Have you had mushrooms grow in your soil? Any harm in leaving them there? I don’t dare eat them, so far I’ve just picked them and let them lay on top of the soil.

My carrots actually grew, unbelievable since I didn’t thin them like I was told and certainly didn’t have high hopes. Boy, do carrots take patience! I planted the seeds 80 days ago and finally THEY’RE HERE! Small…a little funny looking…but nevertheless. Carrots! I’ve only harvested half of them since I really want to eat a purple one on my birthday which is next Friday.

My babies!

Next exiting news is that tomatoes have appeared on 6 out of 7 plants. My “money makers” are growing well, they should turn out to be the size of roma tomatoes. The “sweet million” is also doing well. All are green still but I’m sure thrilled to see them turn red soon. I may have made a fatal mistake with the 1 plant that’s not growing any fruit. I decided to pick off any suckers(they are supposed to suck energy from the plant) and I bloody took off HALF the plant by mistake. Soooo that was a learning moment; go easy when plucking…


The peas are still producing, although they seem to be slowing down 😦 The beet seedlings are doing well, they are a beautiful colour already. The bokchoy seeds I planted about 2 weeks ago seem a bit sad – likely due to the tomatoes that are stealing their sun.

How is your garden? Any recent harvests? Are your tomatoes still green? Any evil skunks or interesting finds in your garden? I’m really looking forward to hearing all about your experiences. And anyone with mushrooms…let’s chat! Happy growing, blog friends πŸ™‚


Author: nannygrannie

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22 thoughts on “Harvest Time!”

  1. Your carrots look super good! You’re right about them taking patience, we planted ours in early April and they still aren’t ready lol.


  2. I just found a few super tiny beige mushrooms around the base of one of my tomato plants today. I left them but took a pic because they’re so cute. Also found a bigger busted up brown one in the corn. Left it too, but it wasn’t cute.


  3. I haven’t had mushrooms grow in my raised veggie beds. But, I’m wondering if it is too damp or humid in your beds? Have you had a lot of rain? What kind of soil do you have? I live in the country and surrounded by forests, but our property is mostly in the open. The only time I’ve seen mushrooms growing around in the grass, and it has happened a lot (just not in this hot, droughty summer), was when it was very moist and humid in the air, with lots of rain.

    Your carrots look beautiful! I love the colours! Carrots take so much patience. I planted mine in mid-April and they are now growing, but are all still quite thin. They probably won’t be ready to pick for at least another month, if I want to get any real girth on them.


    1. You know, you’re probably right! It’s been raining a lot and it’s very humid here. Thanks for your sweet comment, I can’t believe how delicious they taste as well! Hoping your carrots are just as lovely. Looking forward to hearing about them πŸ™‚

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      1. Thanks! I hope that helps. To me, it doesn’t matter if they don’t look perfect. As long as they taste great. I will definitely post an update after harvesting. Julia πŸ™‚


  4. Love this post! Your garden is so beautiful. 🌿We have had an amazing couple of harvests ourselves – lots of lettuce, kale, cucumbers, beans, peppers, onions, purple carrots, and all the herbs as I could. lol so many little mushrooms popped up here too! Sounds like you have good soil! Our interesting find was ground cherries! They popped up in a container we took home from an organic farm we worked at last year! Surprise! πŸ’šπŸŒΏ

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      1. They are in the tomato family, but tiny, sweet, and pineapple tasting. They drop to the ground when they are ready for harvest. You pop them out of their paper like outer shell. You can store them in a bowl on your counter pretty much forever. The more yellow, the sweeter they are. It’s high in pectin so it’s great in jams and jellies! We like to mix it in our habanero hot sauce to tone down the hot a little. But mostly they are great just on their own. I can send you some seeds as soon as this harvest is over!! They grow like crazy!


  5. Thinning plants is always suckered a bitter sweet action to take. The carrots look delicious, but probably would have been longer with Thinning.

    Also, if purchased bags of soil or got manure to amend your soil that is likely where your shrooms are coming from. I had a bag of soil that grew mushrooms while still in the bag. I’m hoping to start composting our fertilizer and ground amender soon.

    Hope you had a great birthday dinner!


    1. Thanks so much! That must be it with the mushrooms. When thinning the carrots, shall I just pull them out or take scissors and chop them so they’re shorter? Any tips?πŸ˜„


      1. I would pull the whole thing. Normally it’s within the first month, when your sprouts get to average about 4 inches, thin them out so each plant is about an inch apart. Pull the smallest, thinnest plants and leave the best looking ones with an inch around the whole stalk.


  6. Wow, a blog even more eclectic than mine, I love the weird juxtaposition and excellent photography. Bokchoi and beets! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll read your reviews and subscribe, you have an excellent blog.
    Can’t help on the mushroom thing but I get those sometimes too, doesn’t seem to hurt.


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