Bokchoy Friday

Ahh more harvesting! While I was away for a few days my bokchoy, aka pac choi, BOLTED. As you can see in the pictures the stems did not bulk up as I thought they would, instead the stems grew in height and grew pretty yellow flowers. I attribute the bolting to the weather. It was very warm, then very cold.

The yellow flowers are delicious though! And the leaves are fantastic and taste incredibly like store bought bokchoy (but 100 times better).

How are your gardens coming along? Has anything bolted? Failures? What have you harvested?



Author: nannygrannie

an adoptee who is ok admitting i'm not ok. I talk about my mental health, my garden & my outdoor adventures

11 thoughts on “Bokchoy Friday”

  1. One of my rainbow chard plants has bolted (the red one), but the other three yellowish-orange ones are still fine. Weird!

    We’re harvesting lettuce, radishes, green onions, small carrots and the occasional strawberry. My kids are harvesting peas, even though they’re not supposed to yet, lol.


    1. Oh wow! I wonder why only the red one has bolted…was it the change in temperature as well? Everything you’re growing sounds so yummmmmy! And sounds just like your average kid πŸ˜‰


    1. Patience is so useful when you have a garden, haha! Radishes are usually the start to a great garden, I’m looking forward to hearing about your garden adventures. Happy growing!


  2. So far it has just been radish, pak choi and salad (around 2kg or 10 supermarket bags of salad which I’m quite impressed with) but I am hindered by the lack of space although that’s the point of my whole blog so I can’t complain!

    Your bok choi look great despite bolting so well done – my pak choi got ravished by slugs 😦


  3. Gosh, y’all must live in really warm climates. My garden won’t be ready for harvest for weeks and weeks. We’ve had very hot then very cold weather as well. I’m on pins and needles to see how this year’s crop turns out.


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